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About kimono

Yukata :

- is a summer kimono, most basic and casual type.
- most popular Japanese Traditional wear.
- made by 100% cotton fabric for a light and thin furnish.
- easy to wear, suitable for bon-odori, party or function wear.

Furisode :

- a long sleeve kimono.
- the most formal Kimono for unmarried women.
- mostly worn for adult ceremony(20 yrs old), wedding ceremony and some important function.
- made by high quality silk such as Rinzu (damasked glossy silk material).

Tomesode :

- patterns/prints are restricted to the panels below Obi sash.
- in 2 type.
Black Tomesode:
- most formal Kimono for married women.
- mother or senior worn to wedding ceremony as formal dress.

Iro-Tomesode(colored Tomesode):

- for unmarried and married women.

and Tsukesage :
- a pre-formal Kimono next to Furisode & Tomesode.
- directly translated homongi means "visitind wear".- homongi usually for married women, but unmarried women can wear too.
- mostly made by silk.
- usually is worn to visiting, tea ceremonies, and weddings.

Obi :- yukata / kimono's matching belt.
- an accessories is a must for yukata or kimono wearing.
- mostly tie as butterfly pattern.

Han-obi (original obi) :
- for yukata used.
- can be tie in different pattern.
- size length around 15cm x 350cm.

Pre-tied obi :
- a butterfly ready tied for yukata used.
- easy wearing and convenient.
- recommend for starter.

Fukuro obi :
- very formal obi.
- for Furisode used.
- made by silk.
- size length around 30cm x 400cm - 450cm.

Nagoya obi:
- normally worn only in the taiko musubi style.
- one end is folded and sewn in half, the other end is of full width.
- it's looks like a pillow after tied.

Geta :
-wooden sandal.
-best footwear for matching with yukata.
-standard size in 24cm.

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