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Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQ) 

About yukata and kimono: 
What is yukata?
Yukata is Japanese Traditional Clothing, also known as summer kimono.

What is the different between yukata and kimono?
Yukata is casual summer kimono, usually made of cotton.
Kimono is even formal, for special occasions, usually made of silk.
There are many types of kimono, for different occasions use.

Is yukata suitable for Malaysia weather?
Yukata is just nice for Malaysia weather because it is for summer season.

What accessories do I need to wear a yukata?
For ladies yukata, you need: 1 yukata, 1 obi and 2 koshihimo sash.
For men yukata, you need: 1 yukata, 1 obi and 1 koshihimo sash.

What should I wear inside the yukata?
We recommend nagajuban/juban, it is inner-wear for yukata/kimono.

What if I do not have a nagajuban? Can I still wear the yukata?
Yes, you can. If you don't have a nagajuban, you can wear a sleeveless top and a thin layer skirt inside.

What is Obi?
Obi is a belt for yukata and kimono. It is necessary to wear a yukata or kimono.

What is the different between Original Obi and Pre-tied Obi?
Original Obi need to tie the butterfly ribbon bow yourself. It can be tied in many different patterns.
Pre-tied Obi is ready tied obi. It is easy and convenient to use. Recommend for starters.

Do I need both Original Obi and Pre-tied Obi to wear yukata?
No, you don't need both to wear a yukata. Either 1 will do.

What footwear should I wear with yukata?
Usually Geta(Japanese wooden sandal) will do, for normal or casual occasions such as Bon Odori Festival.
For attending special or formal occasion such as wedding dinner, we recommend Zori(kimono footwear) plus a pair of Tabi socks. It will be formalized your attire.

What is the different between Geta and Zori?
Geta is Japanese wooden sandal, casual footwear for yukata. Tabi socks is optional.
Zori is kimono footwear, for formal occasions. Tabi socks is a must accessory while you wear zori.

Is the geta and zori can fit for shoes size 8 and above?
For size 8 might a bit tight, heels will comes out a little. It is meant to be like that. But not recommend for shoes size 8.5 and above.

Do you have bigger size of geta?
No sorry, geta and zori are free size. All are standard.

My foot couldn't fully fit in the geta / zori, is that means too small for me?
No, it is meant to be like that. Perhaps you can refer the picture below:

About ordering:
Are these merchandises are ready stock?
Yes, definitely. All our products shown here are ready stock.

Are these brand new stuff?
Most of our products are band new, accept those stated or mentioned used.

What courier do you use?
We use PosLaju(EMS) and PosExpress. For those free postage items will be send by registered mail.

What is the different between PosLaju and PosExpress?
PosLaju require receiver's signature to receive the parcel.*recommended
PosExpress mail will be drop in to receiver's mail box directly, no signature is require.

How long is the delivery takes?
PosLaju 1-2 working days (usually takes 1 working day to arrive)
PosExpress 1-3 working days (depends on the location)

Can I still order those items stated reserved?
Those stated reserved items means ordered by someone but the payment is still pending.
You can inform us via email or sms if you are interested to buy. We will put you on the waiting list, and inform you if the customer cancel order.

If the yukata has been sold, can I pre-order the same design?
No, sorry to say that. Most of the yukata design are unique, hence it is non-restockable.

Can I pay 50% first and pay another 50% after goods received?
No, sorry. Full-payment must be made before we send the goods.

How to pay?
You can cash deposit via deposit machine or online transfer to our CIMB bank or Maybank account.

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